Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms? Do you feel generally unwell, but can’t put your finger on why? You may be suffering from intolerances either to the foods and drinks you consume or the substances you are surrounded by, in the air, in your home or at work.

Intolerances can contribute to a wide range of physical symptoms affecting the skin, digestive system, respiratory system, causing pain or discomfort and sometimes affecting energy levels, mood and behaviour.

Keeping a food diary and following an elimination diet to identify the offending items is often recommended, but this can be a tedious process, trying to eliminate all the various possible combinations of foods and watching to see what happens.

Looking at food may also not provide the whole picture. Perhaps there are sensitivities to other toxins, such as additives, chemicals, airborne substances, animals or electromagnetic fields.

Intolerance testing with Sue Hambleton is an alternative solution that can answer the following questions:-

  1. Which substances are contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing?
  2. Which substances do not suit your body at the moment?
  3. What do you need to avoid in order to help your body to heal?
  4. What alternatives are safe for you to use?

Sue uses muscle-testing techniques from Health Kinesiology as a means of communicating with your body and determining which substances are affecting your balance and wellbeing. In addition to her regular Health Kinesiology treatments, Sue is now offering comprehensive Intolerance Testing at Archway Health Hub. To find out more, please book a free, 20-minute, no obligation chat with Sue.


The word "allergy" originates from the Greek 'allos' meaning altered or changed and 'ergon' meaning reaction, so taken literally means 'altered reaction'. Over time, the definition generally used in mainstream medicine has narrowed to focus on reactions where the immune system can be shown to be involved and specifically the production by the white blood cells of IgE antibodies, which bind to the allergen and cause the release of histamine. Histamine narrows the bronchi in lungs, increases permeability of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, causes itching and stimulates production of acid in the stomach - all typical symptoms of certain types of allergic reaction.

If an Immune System involvement cannot be shown, an 'allergic reaction' is often discounted, however a more holistic definition of allergy recognises it as an energy disturbance in response to exposure to a substance, such as food, chemical, pollen, animal hair, cosmetic etc, where the energy system reacts to any amount of the substance, however small.  In Health Kinesiology, we call this a Bioenergetic allergy.  This is different from a Bioenergetic 'intolerance', where the reaction is only experienced when the person exceeds their tolerance level for that substance. And tolerance levels can fluctuate according to overall health, stress levels etc, so for a child who has just started nursery or school and is fighting off a cold or a virus, tolerance levels are likely to be lower.


Health Kinesiology (HK) has a very quick and efficient way of testing for Bioenergetic allergies and intolerances, using muscle testing. Whilst it is sometimes sufficient to identify a list of substances to be avoided, you can be sensitive to any substance and some of these, such as pollens, moulds, dust, chemicals, vaccinations and viruses are harder to avoid or eliminate completely. In this case, further HK work will be required.

The nature of HK sessions varies considerably, even when the reactions experienced are identical, because the issue is considered holistically and the root cause is different for each individual. Sometimes the focus of a session is on stress or mind-body imbalances and at other times, we do direct Bioenergetic work, where we teach the body to recognise substances correctly, so that it can deal with them more appropriately. Thus toxins can be eliminated from the body safely and nutrients can be absorbed by the body effectively.

Sometimes, it may be identified through muscle testing that you need to avoid eating or being in contact with a substance for a period of time. Or for intolerances, you may need to limit the amount. This is usually to allow the body time to restore its natural balance before substances are reintroduced.


Here's a simple self-help technique that comes from Health Kinesiology - a way to reduce or in some cases turn off a bioenergetic reaction by tapping specific acupuncture points. The sooner you start doing this after experiencing reaction issues, the more effectively it works.
As soon as you start to feel a reaction, even if you don't know what is causing it, tap each of these points for about 20 to 30 seconds:
- Tap beside the nose at the inner corner of each eye
- Tap on the eye socket bone just below the centre of the eye
- Tap either side of the breast bone just below the collar bones
- Tap the sides of the torso, straight down from the armpit and level with the nipple
You can tap in any order, and you can tap as many points as you wish at the same time. Other people can help you tap too. The sooner you start the tapping the sooner natural balance will return. People who have learnt this technique have been amazed at how effective it is.

This technique helps to balance and strengthen your Bioenergy system, so that it is better placed to deal with substances it has been exposed to.  For a longer-term effect, Health Kinesiology sessions are recommended.

For more information or for help with the above technique, please contact me on 01858 410820 or