Each appointment lasts approximately 1 - 1¼ hours and after an initial chat you lie on a couch, fully clothed, just removing your shoes.  If lying down on your back is not comfortable, it is possible to sit up for the session.  Firstly, we need to establish a working muscle, typically the braccioradialis in the lower arm, but if necessary, due to injury for example, an alternative muscle can be used.  Light pressure is applied and the muscle response is monitored.

Initially, muscle testing is used to check the flow of energy through the meridians.  Where imbalances are discovered, the energy will be rebalanced by gentle touch of acupuncture points and reflexes. Once a basic level of balance is established, I can start asking questions and the muscle will respond in one of two ways, effectively giving a yes/no answer.

One of the first questions I ask is how many sessions are likely to be required in order to see a significant improvement in the issues you are looking to address and how far apart they need to be, so you have an idea from the outset of what is likely to be involved. Then, I test to identify which specific procedures and techniques your body needs in order to address its priority issues.

Tools used during the session may include magnets, crystals, flower essences, essential oils, colour or sound, but sometimes the client may simply be asked to focus on specific thoughts or phrases whilst acupuncture points are gently held to retune the energy. This can sometimes trigger an emotional release, but it usually passes very quickly, leaving you feeling “lighter” and more relaxed.

Sometimes lifestyle changes are required to help support the healing process (eg changes to the diet, exercise, sleep or the work/home environment) but again these will be prioritised by the muscle testing.

Whilst most people leave a session feeling lighter and more relaxed, it can take a while for the work we have done to fully process - sometimes days or even weeks. Some people will feel energised straight away but others will feel tired for a day or so and may need to rest. It is always advisable to drink plenty of water and to be guided by your body, allowing yourself to rest if that is how you feel.

During a course of Health Kinesiology treatment, I tend to find that people gradually become more in tune with their own body and better able to know for themselves what they need, without having to refer to me for muscle testing.