My Own Path to Health

Like many practitioners, I was led into training in Health Kinesiology after I had experienced the benefits of this amazing therapy for myself.  In 2002, in a bid to find a more natural approach to my issues, I turned to complementary therapies.

Health Kinesiology was used to determine what my body most needed in order to restore its natural balance. After following a program that was uniquely identified for me, using muscle-testing, I found that the results far exceeded my expectations, leaving me a different person, with far more energy for life.

A Change in Career

Before I knew it I had signed up for a training course in Health Kinesiology with Ann Parker (Head of HK UK at the time) and I haven’t looked back since.  The course was a fascinating journey in itself and convinced me further that I should pursue a career as an HK practitioner.  I qualified in September 2004 and set up a successful practice in Surrey before relocating to Market Harborough in 2009. There, I built a new practice, then joined Archway Health Hub in 2011 to provide an improved healing environment for my clients. After 7.5 years, my business had expanded into new areas and it was time to move on. I am now based in a lovely space in Tur Langton, that has room for small group workshops as well as individual treatments.

You will find me on the National Health Kinesiology Register and I am also a Registered Professional with the Kinesiology Federation. An important part of this is continuing my professional and personal development and I enjoy attending advanced courses, both to extend my kinesiology toolkit and also to learn other new techniques that can be incorporated within the kinesiology framework.

What I Love About Health Kinesiology

One of the beauties of this therapy is that it is gentle and non-invasive, yet very powerful. I have worked with clients ranging from 5 weeks old to 84 years, all individuals facing a wide range of different issues.  The results they experience speak for themselves and continually remind me how fortunate I am to have discovered this fantastic therapy and to have taken the opportunity to change my career to one so rewarding

Every session is unique and I never know what someone's body will choose from my vast menu of tools and corrections. Even when two people present an identical picture, the procedures required by each of them to restore wellbeing can be completely different.

You don't even have to be ill to benefit from Health Kinesiology - it can be used to support further positive changes in your life, such as improving relationships, overcoming fears and worries, becoming calmer and more positive, helping you to achieve your goals and become the person you were meant to be. I feel very privileged to see people's lives change through Health Kinesiology.